De sarongwinkel van Nederland


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Premium quality rayon sarongs are the standard made and have a size of approximately 165 cm wide at 115 cm long and come with fringes.
These sarongs batik stamp shall be adopted in accordance with the old technique still hand-printed and colored.
By this technique, it is possible that there are small leftovers wax on the fabric are present, this will, however, disappeared after the first wash
The sarong is a garment that is worn with fine weather and often can be done in various ways, wear light and is very quick dry. You can compare it to a hamamtowel and is often used on vacation, camping, swimming pool in the garden or on the beach. Also well suited as a scarf, Vera cloth or baby sling. In the sauna is often worn by both women and men. Also ideal for use as a tablecloth or tapestry.